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Kiteboarding Lessons


Private kiteboarding lessons are one on one, instructor to student ratio. From the very beginning, the entire focus of your lesson is on you. Everyone has their own learning style and optimal pace; and with a private kiteboarding lesson, our highly qualified IKO instructors will tailor their lesson plans specifically with you in mind. With this option you will learn the most in the shortest amount of time.


Our semi-private kitesurfing lessons are designed for those who wish to learn kiteboarding on a budget. Don’t worry, we do a maximum of two students per instructor so you will still receive the highest quality of professional teaching. We will pair you with another student of the same skill level to maximize your progression.


Are you serious about learning to kiteboard? If you are, our kiteboarding instruction camps are just what you need. Register now for either our 3 or 5 day kite camps. This is the best way to save on private kiteboarding lessons if you want to become an independent kiteboarder. Students can complete the camps in either 2 or 3 hour blocks.

All our packages come with 3 HOURS OF FREE LESSONS! You’re going to need your own equipment once you become an independent rider, you might as well take advantage of this amazing deal..

How long does it takes to learn kiteboarding?

To be realistic, on average, it takes 6 to 10 hours to get up on the board and ride in both directions. It is crucial to understand that part of the learning process is to emphasize all safety procedures and practice them to be a safe kiteboarder, not only for yourself but for people around you! Many "instructors" may promise you a faster progression because they simply skim through those aspects and do not respect the safety standards. Therefore you will not be autonomous after your lessons and likely get in serious trouble once you go on your own or endanger others on the beach, which is the worst case scenario for our fragile community. At Kiteboarding Palm Beach, as an IKO affiliated training center, we are very committed to turn you into a safe and independent kiteborder.

Students usually buy their own gear after this course: Buy wisely by trying our Selection of Top Brands Equipment with your instructor’s guidance. And receive 3 hours of LESSONS FOR FREE!

Learn faster, safer, and better with Kiteboarding Palm Beach

Kiteboarding Palm Beach is the original and largest kitesurfing network, the pionneer of the instruction in South Florida since 2001. 12 years of experience has put us a major step ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, we differentiate ourselves in superb quality and teaching methods by following strict safety standards with the most highly skilled coaches in Florida.

The owner, being one of the only 3 Examiner for the IKO in the USA, makes sure to train and hire the best certified Level 1 and 2 IKO Instructors. We've invested in the latest teaching technolgoy and utilize Radio-helmets for ultimate high-end coaching. We believe the money our students invest in lessons should be rewarded with the best methods and results.

We've also invested in the most advanced kiteboarding simulator (watch video of simulator in action) to teach waterstart skills in real-time to ANYONE, even on a no-wind day! The simulator has astounding results, enhancing progression by 30% in only 30 minutes behind our kiteboat. It can save you 2 hours of waterstart practice!

What Level will You Reach?

According to the International Kiteboarding Organization standards, (IKO is the authority worldwide to certify and train kiteboarders and instructors), and with our experience, here is the approximate level you can expect to reach:

3 hours: Kite set up- trainer practice- kite piloting in water - body drags- and safety procedures = Discovery IKO Level 1

6 hours: Kite control fully powered - board recovery in deep water, - self rescue procedures - and first water start = Intermediate IKO Level 2

9 hours: waterstarting both directions - fully autonomous with kite and safety awareness = Intermediate IKO Level 2 and 3

15 hours: Consistent riding and upwind riding = Independent IKO Level 3

Kiteboarding Palm Beach Policy:

Any beginner Lesson starts with 1 hour GROUND CLASS. The 6 hour Course is usually split in 2 or 3 days. Usually lessons sessions start at : 9 AM, 12 PM or 2:30 PM, time may vary according to Weather and your schedule. Arrive 20 min before the course to allow paperwork time.

All lessons regardless if purchased on line or on the beach require phone reservation minimum 24 before the planned lesson. There is a $100 cancellation policy for no shows. A 24hr notice required for all cancellation. You will be notified by Kiteboarding Palm Beach School if your lesson has to be rescheduled due to the weather conditions; either because not safe or not sufficient.

Payments online: Print and Bring your receipt with you.

Payments on the beach: Any majors credit cards or cash accepted.