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IKO certified instructors are giving a kiteboarding lesson to a beginner kitesurfer in boyton beach florida.  Kiteboarding palm beach instructor is teaching kitesurfing lesson in riviera beach florida.

Who is Kiteboarding Palm Beach?

We strive to teach the most fun, safest, and exhilirating kiteboarding lessons. With hundreds of hours of teaching experience, learning with Kiteboarding Palm Beach is an unforgettable experience.

We offer top notch kiteboarding lessons for West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Boyton Beach, Delray Beach, and all surrounding areas.

Gael is a level 2 international kiteboarding organization instrutor.  He teaches kitesurfing lessons for kiteboarding palm beach and has many years of experience.  Kiteboarding lessons palm beach is the safest and most fun way to learn to kiteboard and learn to kitesurf in palm beach, boyton beach, delray beach, and riviera beach in florida.

About Gael

Our level 2 IKO certified instructor has a love for wind and water that has taken him around the world, teaching and riding, and he is thrilled to be able to share his passion with others. Come check us out today and see for yourself why there is no better way to enter our life-changing sport than through Kiteboarding Palm Beach.

Why Learn With Us?

Kiteboarding Palm Beach is run by professional and insured IKO certified Level 2 instructors. With over 500 hrs of lessons taught, we are knowledgeable and easily adaptable to everyone’s own learning style. We use the latest radio helmet coaching technology so you can clearly hear the instructor during your lesson.

Kiteboarding Palm Beach will make your experience exhilarating, easy, and most of all: safe!

Bring a friend, learn together, and receive a 20% discount each!
Contact us at 561-502-8623 or to start this week!


kiteboarding palm beach teaches private kitesurfing lessons.  Kiteboarding lessons with a one on one instructor to student ratio are the quickest, easiest way to learn to kiteboard in the palm beach area of florida.

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Semi-private lessons are a great way to learn to kiteboard with kitesurfing palm beach.  You can learn to kitesurf in a safe and fun environment in the shallow water of boyton beach florida with kiteboarding palm beach.  Kiteboarding lessons in riviera beach are a great way to learn a new, exciting watersport and is one of the best things to do in west palm beach.

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Kite Camps

If you know that you are serious about taking kiteboarding lessons with kiteboarding palm beach, you should take a kite camp in delray beach florida to learn kitesurfing.  There are many places you can to to take kiteboarding lessons, but kitesurfing palm beach is the best, most cost effective option.  Our instructor is IKO certified, which is similar to PASA certified, and because of this, you will learn faster and safer.  This is the best way to learn to kitesurf in delray beach.

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The kiteboarding community, which kiteboarding palm beach and kitesurfing palm beach are a part of is incredible.  Kitesurfers from all over the world come to kitesurf in palm beach, boyton beach, riviera beach, and west palm beach, and delray beach at ocean inlet park.  Kitesurfing lessons are an experience that will change your life.

What To Expect During A Lesson?

You can expect to have a kite up in the air within the first 15 minutes of your lessons. We find the best way to learn is by practicing, so you progress faster but safer toward the IKO Certification Standards.

We start all of our students on a L.E.I. (Leading edge inflatable) kite with 12 meter lines, safely in 3 feet deep water. In return, you as a student are not sitting there on the beach watching your instructor draw instructions in the sand. We feel that when students are flying a kite they are learning. Short lines help by making the experience RISK-FREE, comfortable and fun in a more controlled manner.

Once you are able to perform all the flying skills and safety drills on short lines, then you are ready for full 23 to 27 meter lines and move on to the next step on the board!

Current Conditions

Note: We encourage students to bring their own wet suit if they get cold easy. As the waters of Palm Beach can some times reach below 66F in the winter months, and a rash guard for SPF protection in the summer months. Our lesson are taught from a number of sand bars that run along the shore lines of Palm Beach.

Kitesurfing lessons in palm beach are a place where you can learn to kiteboard from an expert with many years of kiteboarding instruction experience.  If you are going to take kiteboarding lessons in florida, you might as well take your kitesurfing lessons from the best, kiteboarding palm beach has exactly what you're looking for.  Safe, warm flat water and good wind is the perfect environment for successful kiteboarding instruction.

What’s Next?

We strongly recommend that students purchase their kitesurfing equipment with us once the lessons are over, because we can guide you according to your specific needs, you may try various type of gear before committing to a purchase, and mostly help you start practicing immediately and keep progressing under our supervision.

We offer all-inclusive packages that include: KITE + BOARD + HARNESS at preferred prices, and you receive an additional 3-HOUR FREE LESSON with us to master your skills. Prices start at $1,500.

90% of our students who opted for this option became fully independent kiteboarders within days!

Recommended Packages

Our 3 day camp is our #1 selling package for a reason! 9 hours of lessons will typically get a beginner up and riding. Book yours now!

We proudly carry the 2017 lineup from Star Kiteboarding Kites and Boards. Check out the gear here.